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junior life + good news: new students; bad news: my X-boyfriend is..?

16 Jun

well, i’ am already a 3rd year high school or (for short) JunIoR!… i have the same classmate’s as last year.. and we only have a 4 new students from different schools..

When i was in grade four up to grade six.. i had a huge crush on this cool guy name Ken… He is Cool but can sometimes be very irritating because he can’t stop messing around… well, after our graduation at Grade six.. i haven’t seen him since then.. but at the first day of school i saw him.. when i saw him my eye’s almost fell… i was very shock because i thought he is going to a public school…. and he was # 1 of the new student….

On the first day of school.. i have a friend name ERVIN.. and he has a new friend name wait!… his name is very hard to spell but i secretly call him KEI… Kei has a very adorable eye’s, smooth and white skin, and very very handsome( even my college friends find him very handsome…) he love’s the color green, the movie Transformers, and the band Typecast and he chooses the objective that describes him “STUPID”.. and he is the # 2 new student..

the 2 other new student’s are Josie Montinola and Angelica Basan…

and the most biggest shock is that my eX-boyfriend is my new seatmate.. well, i broke up with him last May 11 and i didn’t think that he would be as the same room as me and not even on my wildest dream that he would be my seatmate.. until now, i still really love him its just that he is a very insensitive man and i can’t take all the pain anymore.. He used to be very sweet and very loving at the beginning of our relationship.. but then as time passes by he started being insensitive and started acting like a jerk..

i can’t imagine myself going out with him again after all the things happened to us..!

i don’t know what to do..  My mind is completely blank right now.!.. what should i do..  Every time he is around me my heart started pumping just like the old days…



10 Jun


i just saw the music video of  “Boyfriend“.. i have been surfing in the internet for a while now just to look  for Cute and YOUNG Korean boy bands, and i just found the perfect group…

they are Young, Cute and not just simply cute but totally cute and not just totally they are amazingly handsome…

when I first watch their video i immediately fell for there rapper and main dancer No Minwoo….  He is so cute… and talented.. i mean all of them…

i’ am very eager to see them in more music video’s….